Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sexy newsreader of TV9 Telugu part-2


  1. basu , nenu kuda purnima fan, she is beautiful news reader in telugu, but with out makeup is her can u put in ur blog, ang also collect more pictures of our beauty purnima,

  2. without makeup she looks wrost

  3. poornima u look very beautiful. love u

  4. I like you very much Poornima, not for your vocals or for the reading; I see you stammer at times. But your face and expressions are simply cute, childish and attractive to the extent of making me listen to the news as long as you're reading. Just modulate your accent and fine tune your reading skills... Undoubtedly you will be on the top in anchors list. All the very best!
    Your well wisher,

  5. poornima ur nice anchor i like ur anchoring

  6. Hey Poornima... you looks so good so nice so cute. I like you. Your hair style is so good. I am fan of your hair style. beside your way of reading news so very nice. your voice also so good

  7. Now shorted your hair is so good.


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