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Monday, November 22, 2010

Avanne Dubash's sexy pictures


  1. She is very beautiful.A face with Perfection.In Sanskrit it is called "Sthit Pragya".The Perfectionist.Shiva Bless her.

  2. Heaven is on Earth.So is hell.It is True.Shiva has been Mighty Kind to have created someone like Miss Avanne Dubash.So Serene,So Pure,So Beautiful,So Divine.And I'm so lucky to have taken birth in her Lifetime.Nothing personal.But can't hold myself to express my feelings.Shiva's Grace keeps showering upon her.

  3. Great words friend....really great lines........

  4. ET NOW T.V Anchor " Avanne Dubash " is a most Prettiest ,Beautiful and Georges woman in my eyes..


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